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A Lady of Elegance
Marian Anderson A Lady of Elegance
Joanna portrays Marian Anderson and captures the elegance and dignity of a talented woman. Joanna spotlights Marian's life in segregated America that was not used to seeing a black woman sing classical music. Marian Anderson's voice was describes as being a voice that is heard "once every 100 years." Marian Anderson was humble, gifted, and black. Unable to have a successful career in classical music in the United States because of her race, she traveled to Europe where she became an international star. Upon her return to her America some 10 years later she was recognized as "one of the great singers of our time."

Artist wears concert gown and sings Ave Maria and several Spiritual favorites of Marian Anderson.

Program length is 35-45 minutes and is suitable for K-5/6-12/Adult. This program helps students appreciate the beauty of opera and spotlights the successful opera star that achieved success despite the obstacles of her era.

Program Introduction


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