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We all love stories. Stories can make us laugh and pull at our heart- strings. We retain information that is presented in the story form and teachers are incorporating storytelling and story reading in the school curriculum. Students remember stories, and while hearing a story they use their imaginations to visualize the story. They may want to read it for themselves again and again thereby increasing their reading ability and comprehension.

Since the beginning of time man has told stories. The ancient art of storytelling is making a comeback. Storytelling can be used to entertain, inspire, encourage, heal and pass down cultural history and information from generation to generation. Through stories people can connect with each other and learn to appreciate each other.

"Joanna has been truly blessed with a special talent for storytelling. Her enthusiasm and each story's interest level keep any audience involved and wanting more."
Jean Murray /Teacher /Russell Elementary

"Few people can brighten the faces of children like Joanna Maddox. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. She has mastered the art of telling stories, which capture the imagination and challenge the heart. Expect your child to ask the question. Can Joanna tell another story?"
Reggie Joyner President Co-Essentials of Character Education

African and African-American Folktales
Here Comes Breh Rabbit
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