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Fan Mail

Hi! It's me , Dominique from Camp Creek . I really enjoyed your performance at Camp Creek. You are a great inspiration to kids of all ages. Keep up the good work. *God has blessed you with an outstanding talent*
- Dominique Merriweather
great job
- tevin
I think you are great. I had a student in my biology class do a presentation of Mae Jemison. It was a Black History project of a Black Scientist. I can't wait to show her yours.
Your Cousin
Ellen Brown
- Ellen Brown
Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Mikel
You are the greatest! I will forever cherish our friendship.

- Brenda Curry Wimberly
Hi Joanna I loved "Raising a President" It was great seeing you again...

God Bless, Love Leslie
- lwiernik@earthlink.net

Dear Elementary and Middle School Media Specialists,

"Storyteller Joanna Maddox has performed in my media center for several
occasions. However, yesterday we saw her (in my opinion) at her best,
in celebration of Black History Month. She performed "Life Lessons from
the Divas" which included her impersonating Dianna Ross and Tina Turner.
She was absolutely fantastic and our kids just loved her. Many teachers
said it was one of the best performances we have ever had at this
She wears wonderful costumes, brings a great sound system and her ... technical director takes great digital pictures for the school. I highly recommend this great performer."

Claudia Zurbrick
Manning Oaks ES

- Claudia Zurbrick
Ms. Joanna,
I think you are absolutely fabulous and a wonderful inspiration to women of all ages. Keep using the wonderful talent that God has given you to His Glory! All my love--Pam!
- Pam Frazier
I like what you did with the photo. You look like all of the people.The one I like the more is Madme C.J Walker. Bye
- LilMoma100
Your performances were absolutely fabulous in Mazatlan, Mexico. We enjoyed meeting you, working with you and spending time with you. You are a great lady and a true inspiration the world over! We miss you already.
- Marlene and Santana
great job joanna I really enjoyed your preformence from central elementary
- liyah]
i really in joy your play at lakeside middle school
it was great.
- tahra 2669@cs.com
I liked your voice.
I liked your laugh.
You protrayed the part well.
You made me think Jimmy Carter was present.
I liked the way you said "mmhmm".
You made me think I was living in the past during the depression time.
I liked your dialect.
You have great acting skills.
I liked your fishing pole.
I liked the newspaper wall.
Your skirt was cool looking.
I liked the songs you sang.
Thank you again for coming, we hope to see you again very soon!!!
- Lakeside middle school 8th grade students
THis is my first time on the site and i love it you have wonderful pics
- Leia
Hey Girl,
You just do it then! I am so proud of you and I love you very much. Be Blessed!
Crystal King
- Brendia King
I just wanted to let you know my children and I really enjoyed learning about the life of Dr. Mae Jemison at your presentation! They are writing so much about it in their journals. You captivated us all while describing how it is to travel in space, and I think you really helped to inspire us all to "Reach for the Stars." Thanks again for coming and for that memorable experience. We truly enjoyed ourselves and learned that science can be lots of fun! You truly are a gifted performer. =)
- Toni Nardiello
Hi Joanna,

I hope this few words find you and all in the best of health and spirit. Your troup performances of our Black Icons was beautiful. It was very moving and informative. I JOANNA the best, and please keep me informed of your up and coming events.

- Stanley L. Raper
hi, i am meredith! i got a picture with you at Whitefield Academy! I loved your performance! Keep up the outstanding work!
- meredith ilpman

- kayla talley


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